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For more than 9 years already at Katarzyna Estate  we create wines in which we invest a lot of aspiration and love. Hence the brands in our portfolio set a standard with their uncontestable superior properties and place Bulgaria in a new light on the world wine map.

On Focus
Bio Wine_Katarzyna Estate

Katarzyna Estate introduced its first bio rose wine - Cabernet Franc - 100 %;

Year 2016 - the next step in our development. With the Bio wine rosé of Katarzyna we aim to uncover the maximum terroir of the winery. We combined excellent land, climate and dedicated team as a guarantee of a great wine for those for whom the real experience lies in discovering new and unique flavors.

Contemplations Rose 2016

This year's series of Contemplations Rose is dedicated to the people who make the world go round visible for all of us. Those who are called the pioneers, the brave ones, avant-garde ones, the innovators, the unconventional role models. In other words - it is a series of crazy geniuses. The labels on the bottles are devoted to: Salvador Dali, John Lennon, William Lezhantil, Pythagoras, Nostradamus and Nietzsche.


Le Rose 0,375 &
Le Rose 0,750

The favourite Le Rose 2016 is here - Syrah - 60 %; Malbec - 20 %; Cabernet Franc - 20 %.

It is also offered in a small bottle of 0,375 ml.  Enjoy them!

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