Katarzyna Premium club
13 June 2013 г.

Dear friends, 

Katarzyna Premium Club is an expression of our gratitude to your and recognition for the trust you have in us. 

For us catering to the good taste of all our customers is a professional duty and a mission. You, the customers and friends of Katarzyna Estate, are special, and we would like to give you yet another token of our consideration, one more drop of our inspiration. 

Holders of the Club Card Katarzyna Premium are only private customers who share and appreciate our ideals about the wine and the way it is offered. Each one of them shall receive the following preferential terms:

1. Special prices for your favorite wines and new products. 

2. Personalized service – our time and attention are at your disposal for you to make the best choice. Each holder of a club card will work with a personal representative of Katarzyna Estate
3. Delivery – all that you need will be delivered in a timely manner and with care to an address specified by you.

4. Premium products of Katarzyna Estate, which are not offered on the market and are created for our special customers. A wonderful gift for your family and friends. 

5. Limited editions of your favorite wines – the familiar highest quality with unique design. The stars of any collection. 

6. Wines with personalized labels, which our designers will develop according to your wishes, requirements, special occasions and the highest standards of Katarzyna Estate. 

7. Invitations to all events of Katarzyna Estate – gala dinners, parties, tasting, exhibitions and many other. We shall be very pleased to have you as our guests. 

8. Annual visitations to the wine cellar for 4 persons. We shall open the doors of Katarzyna Estate for you, we shall have you see where everything started, where we create the best wines, and so that you can enjoy our hospitality to the full, we shall have wine tasting especially for you. 
9. Holliday presents – we cannot afford to be missing at these special days for you, and as genuine good friends the presents will be from us. 

10. Up-to-date information and news– we will inform you of everything new and interesting happening around Kataryna Estate


The membership in Katarzyna Premium Club shall be renewed each calendar year. For this purpose it is necessary each holder of a club card to have purchased products of Katarzyna Estate (through their personal representative) amounting to more than BGN 3000. A new member shall be accepted when proposed by a current Katarzyna Premium Club member.


Please keep on valuing our work, efforts and desire to offer you the best. We shall take care of everything else. 

Thank you!

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