We make our wines using classical techniques.

The Katarzyna Estate wines are produced through classical methods with predominant manual labour, when this is significant for the quality. During the vine harvest, on a daily basis, through laboratory analysis and tasting the sugar contents are monitored as well as the titric acids and the phenol maturity of the grapes in the various plots. Precise diaries of the results are being kept in order to accumulate the data, which will consequently allow to assess the real potential of the terroir.

The wines age in French barriques (40% new ones) and are regularly filled up. The quality changes occurring due to the interaction of the liquid with the oak wood are strictly monitored. We are experimenting with different types of oak trees from various regions and woods are roasted in different manners.

After bottling, the wines mature in bottles in an underground tunnel with constant temperature of 14 C and 75% humidity.

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