Katarzyna Reserve 2012 highly rated by Robert Parker
05 July 2017  

Bulgarian wine Katarzyna Reserve 2012 was once again praised by Robert Parker's most expert wine review site Wine Advocate. It was rated 91 points and ranks "exceptional wines" in the rating system of the most objective wine critic. This is another achievement for Katarzyna Estate's team. 
"Katarzyna Estate wines have consistently high quality and have changed the way people look at Bulgaria", said Mark Squires recently.
People name Parker a “guru of wine marketing” because his valuation system is the most respected and really manages to be opinion leader about the qualities of wines tasted by him. He is known for his extraordinary criticism of appreciation and for being more inclined to underestimate than to overpraise the qualities of the tasted wines. 
Through the years Katarzyna Reserve brand is highly rated by Wine Advocate. Katarzyna Reserve 2008-2009 was rated for best Bulgarian wine until 2014 by top-critic Robert Packer, and Katarzyna Reserve 2007 received the prestigious 90 points previous year. The wines are reviewed by Mark Squires, responsible for Portugal, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Bulgaria and other countries from the Balkan region and Europe.

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