Trophy for Best Bulgarian Wine for Katarzyna Estate in China
01 September 2017  

Katarzyna Reserve 2012 grabbed the Best Bulgarian Wine trophy for 2017 at largest and most prestigious China Wine & Spirits Awards competition. With this recognition Reserve 2012 consolidates its position on the Chinese market because it is the second consecutive trophy for this wine - in 2016 Reserve 2012 received the same prize. Pride of the team of Katarzyna Estate is also the fact that seven of the seven sent wines were awarded. In addition to the Best Bulgarian Wine for 2017, Katarzyna Reserve 2012 received a double gold medal - undoubtedly the highest rating from all members of the expert jury. There are four golden medals for Bulgaria - Encore Syrah 2015, Question Mark Gold 2012, La Verite 2015, Encore Malbec 2015 and two bronze - Chopin Nocturne 2015 and 10th Harvest Merlot 2015. China is an important part of Katarzyn Estate's exports. China Wine & Spirit Awards is the largest and most important wine forum in China and Hong Kong. The wines are valued by a 100-member jury by “blind tasting”, composed of top Chinese experts - Bayers, Importers, Distributors, Retailers who are familiar with the local market and the preferences of Chinese people. Wine experts say the high score given to a wine during the competition is a kind of springboard to develop the potential of a good sales in China.

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