Mavrud - Katarzyna Estate's new brand of pure sort of wine
24 October 2017  

Mavrud is Katarzyn Estate's new brand of pure sort of wine. Tradition sealed in an elegant bottle and served with lots of love and emotion to you, our friends and clients.
Mavrud is a traditional Bulgarian wine grape variety, one of the oldest and considered as one of the most valuable and high quality local varieties. Katarzyna Estate is a contemporary cellar with modern aims and goals, but it is also highly traditionally orientated. That is what inspired our main technologists to work hard and achieve the quality of this wine. It is characterized by a deep red color and violet shades. The aroma of wine is a combination of red and black fruits, spices and French oak. It has incredible elegance and balance. It combines very well with fish or foie gras, spicy dishes, cheeses or red meats.

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