Katarzyna Grand Tasting hosted by Panthéon Wines
20 December 2017  

Katarzyna Estate’s Grand Tasting was in Opera Bombana, Beijing. A very knowledgeable group of wine specialists and wine aficionados from Beijing gathered to taste a selection of 11 wines of highest quality and number of awards from Katarzyna Estate. The wines were: Sonata 2016; 10th Harvest Merlot Winemakers Selection 2016; Le Rose 2015; Les Fleurs 2015; Les Amandier 2015; Encore Syrah 2015; Chopin Nocturne 2014; Chopin Concerto 2013; Le Magnifique 2013; Question Mark Gold 2013; Katarzyna Reserve 2011.

All of the invited were professionals like wine journalists; Sommeliers from the very best hotels and restaurants in China; Collectors of fine wines and many others. All of them were really impressed by the quality and the characteristics of the wines at the end of the tasting.

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