Katarzyna Grand Tasting organized by Panthéon Wines

The Katarzyna Estate partner in China – Panthéon Wines, organizes a great wine tasting at Opera Bombana, Beijing. High-level wine specialists gathered to sample a selection of 11 wines with the highest quality and number of awards from the Katarzyna Estate. The wines are: Chopin Sonata 2016; 10 Harvest Merlot Winemakers Selection 2016; Le Rose 2015; Les Fleurs 2015; Les Amandier 2015; Encore Syrah 2015; Chopin Nocturne 2014; Chopin Ballade 2013; Le Magnifique 2013; Question Mark Gold 2013, Katarzyna Estate 2011.

Among the invited were professional wine journalists, sommeliers from the best hotels and restaurants in China, collectors of fine wines and many others. Guests were impressed by the quality and characteristics of the wines.