Top Wines of Katarzyna Estate in Opera Bombana, Beijing

After the special wine tasting of Katarzyna Estate in Opera Bombana, Beijing, Panthéon Wines organizes an official dinner. A special guest was the Ambassador of Bulgaria to China HE. Mr. Porozhanov. All guests enjoyed great time together with interesting discussions on topics such as Sino-Bulgarian relations, economy, history and, of course, Bulgarian wines. Special thanks to the wonderful dinner were to Mr. Stefano and Chef Marino from Opera Bombana for the great food and always the perfect experience accompanied by the best wines of Katarzyna Estate. Opera Bombana Restaurant in Beijing is a subsidiary of Bombana restaurant in Hong Kong owned by cook Humberto Bombana. The only Italian Michelin 3-star restaurant outside Italy. They call the owner and cook of Bombana the “truffle king,” and the guilt of Katarzyna Estate is already present in the menus of all the restaurants in the chain. Organizing such dinners, tasting wine cellars, has become a tradition.