Wine is created in the vineyard, we simply take care of it while it's in the winery.

For us, the precise cultivation of the vineyard is extremely important, because the maxim of our team is that “great wines” start from the vines. In the cellar, we use traditional methods with predominantly manual labor and with minimal intervention we try to upgrade the qualities of the grapes and create wines with a superior taste. Our pursuit of perfection is born from the passion of the team, “our people” approach each wine with care and attention to the smallest details to ensure that the wine will have a truly unique style and character.


Our cellar is located on a vast area of approximately 10,000 m² and boasts a captivating architecture. The building comprises three levels, achieved through a stepped design along the hill’s vertical slope. This unique structure allows for the gravity-based transportation of grapes and wine from one level to another.

On the first level, you’ll find the sorting lines, where the grapes are carefully handpicked before being accepted into the cellar. This ensures that only the highest-quality fruits are retained for further processing. The second stage involves the grapes being received into fermentation vessels, and the third level is where the wines are blended and aged in barrels. Beneath the ground, in the cellar, you will discover our Enoteca, designed in the shape of a tunnel, where limited editions and our special wines are aged.


At Katarzyna Estate, we process around 2,300,000 kg of grapes using the micro-vinification method. A significant advantage of our cellar is that our team works with and has access to various plots in our vineyards, each with distinct qualities and characteristics. This allows for a wide range of different wine batches, which are used to create the final products.

We hand-harvest the grapes in crates with a capacity of 12 to 14 kg. After careful sorting, the grapes are destemmed and, following a gravity-based process, they are transferred to stainless steel tanks with volumes of 10m³ and 15m³ or directly into French oak barrels with volumes of 400 liters. After completing the fermentation process, the wines are aged in French oak barrels of 225 liters, toasted at a “medium” or “medium+” level. The idea is for the oak not to overpower the grape aromas of the wine but rather to impart the necessary finesse and refinement.

In our winery, our goal is to care for and enhance what our lands and vineyards provide us.


Allow us to introduce you to Svilen and Ivan Kisyovi.

For us, every individual who works in the cellar is of exceptional importance. Both the vineyard workers and the winery team play an irreplaceable role in the lengthy process that transforms grapes into wine. However, the true masters who lead the entire team are our winemakers, Svilen and Ivan Kisyovi. Their expert touch is responsible for the outstanding portfolio of wines produced at Katarzyna Estate.


Just 2 years after the release of our first harvest, Katarzyna Estate participated for the first time in the international wine competition, San Francisco Wine Competition, where we won a Gold medal with our Contemplations Chardonnay from the 2006 vintage. In the same year, we received 8 more medals from various prestigious competitions, which positioned our winery on the same level together with the most renowned wine terroirs in the world.

Following awards from competitions such as Decanter, Mundus Vini, Syrah du Monde, Chardonnay du Monde, Vinalies Paris, Concours Mondial Bruxelles, China Wine and Spirits Awards, International Wine & Spirit Challenge, and others.

Our unwavering attention to detail led to one of our greatest accolades and recognition for Bulgarian wine, with an impressive score of 91 points by Robert Parker’s rating system for Katarzyna Reserve 2008 and 2009. This places the wine in the category of 90-95 points, out of a maximum of 100. Katarzyna Estate is the first Bulgarian winery to have its wine rated above 90 points on Robert Parker’s official website. With over 460 awards won, our winery stands as one of the most awarded Bulgarian wineries, demonstrating consistency and quality, that proud of.